Our Planning Process

We start with a detailed discussion about you…




We ask some probing “what if” questions, then work to develop a comprehensive program that aligns with the above. We then make recommendations, which may or may not include rearranging your investments.

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Zig Ziglar famously stated that “If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time.” Investment, retirement, insurance and legacy planning are necessities for financial success. Success is defined in different ways to different people.

To some, success would be to live a comfortable, independent life in retirement. They do not want to have to depend on family or government programs, or to have to work well into their senior years to support their lifestyle. Others have complex estate planning needs and tax issues needing attention throughout their lives. Some would like to leave a legacy for children, grandchildren or a charity. Many are concerned with caring for children with special needs or elderly parents. The escalating cost of a college education is also on the radar for many parents and grandparents.

There is no incorrect view of financial success, however few of us can enjoy long term success in any area of life without a plan. 

With that in mind, Spartan Financial Advisors utilizes a team of experienced professionals to assist in planning for your success however you define it. Whether it’s planning for your or your spouse's untimely death or disability, saving for college or an elaborate globetrotting retirement, we’ll develop, refine and implement your plan at your pace.

Protection should be the cornerstone of every family’s financial plan. Simply stated, if you or your spouse are not in the picture or are unable to work, how will the home function? What or who would replace the deceased's income or home duties? How would you retire or assist with college tuition? Could your retirement fund absorb an extended illness that required in home or nursing home care? 

Let our team design an affordable insurance program that will help you keep all of your promises or provide for your family’s dreams to come true even if you pass away prematurely,  become sick or disabled.

Double digit growth in your portfolio feels great! We enjoy reviewing such statements and occasionally delivering these results. In reality, this is the exception rather than the norm. Growing a portfolio over time is certainly achievable, but cannot be guaranteed every quarter or every year.

In order to manage your customized portfolio, while meeting your growth needs, we combine time-tested principles of risk analysis and diversification. This may include a buffer or guaranteed account, where appropriate. At age 55, or 60, or 65 one may not need double digit growth. What are the risks of trying to achieve high returns? Our philosophy is, let’s make the goal a reality with as little risk as possible. To use a baseball analogy, I will take a homerun any day, but long-term success in the investment game comes with consistently hitting singles and doubles.